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Nexa & HubSpot for Real Estate

Dubai. Manchester. New York
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“Our mission is to truly revolutionize the way that real estate is marketed, sold and purchased”

Amit Vyas

Nexa’s CEO

What problem are you trying to solve?

What countries or geographies do you cover?2020-10-31T08:49:56+00:00

We work on a global level working with real estate businesses in all geographies. Our offices in Europe, Middle East and North America allows us to access local digital marketing platforms and data as a driver of campaign success.

Do you provide guarantees?2020-10-31T08:47:59+00:00

Surprisingly, we are happy to provide guarantees for all areas of a marketing and sales campaign that we can control. Therefore, lead volumes and lead quality is a metric that we are happy to provide assurances for. However, as leadsss are often passed to sales teams, we cannot control final sales numbers and therefore this is something that we cannot guarantee.

Does your approach really work?2020-10-31T08:45:30+00:00

Yes. It really does and our client base of tier 1 real estate firms including both brokerages and developers is testament to that. Our strategy is science-based, removing often adverse campaign inputs based on opinions. We test every aspect of a campaign, generating data at each stage, which provides exactly the right sales insights needed to close a deal.

Do you work with real estate agents or developers?2020-10-31T08:43:02+00:00

We work with both. Developers like working with us especially if they have their own sales teams to manage leads. Real Estate brokerage firms like working with us because we can accelerate the sales process for them. There are multiple occasions where we work with both developers and brokers for a single project, combining skills and know-how for optimal results.

What channels do you use to generate leads?2020-10-31T08:40:29+00:00

This depends on the development type and the target audience. We combine multiple channels with audience development and nurturing strategies using a combination of search, programmatic, email using account based marketing (ABMN) and social media marketing strategies for our campaigns.

We generate a lot of leads already, how will your services help us?2020-10-31T08:37:40+00:00

Not all leads are born the same. We use a scientific approach to not only generate leads but to also understand the quality and purchase intent of each lead generated. This approach allows you to focus your attention on those leads that are most qualified to purchase.