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Power your Real Estate Marketing and Sales Efforts with HubSpot and Nexa.

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HubSpot for Real Estate Specialists

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  • Marketing Aligned with Sales

Increase Lead Quality & Sales

Through CRM solutions and digital marketing, Nexa is disrupting the Real Estate marketing and sales space by ensuring your campaigns reach the right audience, at the right time.

  • Qualified Leads

Lead Nurturing and Automation for Real Estate

With sales automation and marketing software, your leads will receive communication that is triggered by their actions. This tactic is designed to cultivate relationships with high quality leads and convert them into clients.

  • Accelerate your Sales

Data driven sales insights

Streamline all your marketing and sales processes from a single place and convert high quality leads into loyal customers.

Our Clients

For over a decade, we have been working with real estate brokers and developers to help them generate high-quality, sales-ready leads for their projects.

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Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

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Optimizing Your Business’ Growth Potential.

As real estate focused performance marketing specialists, we follow a highly structured strategic approach that combines industry best practices and extensive practical know-how to build successful lead generation campaigns to boost your bottom line.

We boost our clients to get more sales

Working with Nexa

We Build Relationships

You are our number one priority and we are invested in your success.

Industry Expertise

Having worked with the largest real estate specialists and developers in the world, our team is filled with experts within the real estate marketing space

Client Support

Our Digital Consultants are experienced with all aspects of digital and growth marketing and can provide on-going strategic support.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Contact team Nexa today and let’s create the ultimate marketing and sales strategy for your business.

HubSpot for Real Estate Specialists

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